Privacy Policy

Iniffum Oy makes market research on companies operating on financial sector, including company analysis, competitor comparison and strategy analysis. We target at customers representing companies meaning that we mainly try to reach business customers, not private individuals. This means that, in principle, we do not gather information about private individuals or the gathered information is minimal.

Owner and data collector

Iniffum Oy
Y-tunnus: 2933730-1

With regards to the collected data, you may contact us with email.
E-mail: tietosuoja(at)

Information we gather

We gather and process the following data

  • company name with basic information, contact information
  • purchases, invoices, paymets, debt collection, product deliveries and related information
  • inquiries related to products, messages and requests
  • call information and call records

Attached to the company customers, we process personal data about the contact person/buyer.

Basic information of the contact person/buyer:

  • name
  • language used
  • phone number(s)
  • email address(es)
  • the company name, where the contact person/purchaser is working

The aforementioned customer company data will be linked to the contact person/purchaser.

We process data obtained with the cookies or similar techniques:

  • browsing of web pages, information about the browser, operating system, mobile device model and the assumed location based on IP-address (e.g. country and city)
  • the information is processed based on the consent given in the configuration of terminal device or browser
  • we don’t link the cookie information with any personal data
  • if we can, we will link the information with the customer company

The purposes of the processing of personal data

  • orders, transactions and billing processing
  • managing and developing customer relations, tailoring of services
  • improving and developing of the range of products and services
  • the analysis and classification of customer base to improve the communication and product offering
  • customer feedback and service request processing and responding to those
  • Refunding, reimbursement and compensation request processing, responding and payment processing
  • call recordings to verify the service transactions, legal protection and ensuring safety, and to train the customer service personnel
  • accounting

Legal basis for the aforementioned purposes are legitimate interest, implementation of the  agreement or contract, and statutory obligation.

The data collected with cookies and similar techniques is used e.g. on the development, analysis, statistics and other similar purposes of business and marketing. The data collected with  the cookies is not saved as your information nor do they contain any information about you.

How long do we keep information?

The data related to purchase transactions, returns and invoices will be processed as part of accounting material for period stated by the relevant law, which is six years from the end of the  calendar year, when the accounting period ends.

Data related to debt collection will be kept approximately for four years after the collection. Data related to feedback and complaints, as well as legal claims, will be kept as long as is necessary for the handling of the matter.

The information about the sending of customer inquiries and the answerings to those will be saved with the customer data and will be kept at most five years. The customer inquiries will be sent to the contact person/purchaser of the customer company. The call records will be kept at most one year.

We don’t save any personal data about the browsing of web pages.

Your right to withdraw the consent

On our www-pages, we do inform about the usage of online-id’s and their intended usage. If you give your consent to the use of online-id’s in the configuration of your terminal or browser, you give your consent to collecting of id’s. By denying the setting of online-id’s, the collecting of id’s will end.

You will receive appropriate instructions on how to set or remove online id’s or cookies with your search engine.

Information about your other rights

You have right to know, if Iniffum processes your personal data. If Iniffum processes data about you, you have right to get a copy of the data Iniffum processes. If we do not process data about you, you have right to obtain confirmation of this, too.

You have right to correct, rectify or supplement the incorrect or in adequate personal data.

You may have right to get your personal data removed (erasured), to restrict the processing of your personal data and to resist the processing of your personal data in certain situations  described in the legislation. We will remove, restrict the processing of, or stop using and processing your personal data,  if the criteria laid down in the legislation are fulfilled.

You have right to transfer your personal data to you or some other data collector in certain situations. The right applies to such personal data that you have you have delivered to us and that we process based on your consent or to put into effect the contract in which you parcipate. The right applies to information that we process with the help of automated  information processing. Some of the information is an paper and the right does not apply to those documents.

How to use or apply your rights

If you want to use or apply the aforementioned rights, you can make an appropriate request for the data collecter, whose contact information is given in the beginning of this privacy policy.

If the reply will contain your personal data, we will deliver the reply, depending on the case,  either in encrypted electric form or as a personal registered letter by mail, which will ensure the correct receiver and the confidence of the information of the receiver.

Information about the receivers of the personal data

The personal data will be processed by the employees of Iniffum or the employees of partners of Iniffum, whose tasks are required to perform the processing. Obligation of confidentiality applies to the personnel processing personal data.

The data in customer database will not be given to any third parties unless the legislation obligates, acquisition or merger, or during debt collection. Some authorities have law-based right to obtain information (e.g. police, custom,  border guard, and tax authorities).

Iniffum web pages use Google analytics, which uses cookies to help analyze and report on how the users use Iniffum site. The data delivered to Google includes your IP address together with the information about your use of site, and this data will be stored in the United States. Google will not associate your  IP address with any other data held by Google.

Otherwise, the personal data is processed only inside EU and European economic area.

The right to make a complaint to the supervisory authority

if you think that processing of your personal data by Iniffum Oy does not comply with the general data protection regulation of EU, you may complain to supervisory authority in that EU member state where your permanent job or permanent residency is, or where you think the breach of regulation has occurred.  In Finland, the authority is the Data Protection Ombudsman.

Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman
Street address: Ratapihantie 9, 6. krs, 00520 Helsinki
Postal address: PL 800, 00521 Helsinki, Finland
Phone (switchboard): + 358 29 56 66700
Fax: + 358 9 56 66735
E-mail: tietosuoja(at)

The necessary data for the www browsing and for the customer services

To be able to offer you the benfit and services stated in the order,  subscription or other agreement or contract, we have to process the necessary pesonal data to execute  the agreement. This data consist of name, address, phone number, the name of the customer company and the data about the purchase and payment transactions.

Iniffum has the right to cancel the offering of the services and products or to deny the access to the services, if the customer does not give the information required  or if the customer requires the removal or erasure of the personal data.

Information about the automated individual decision-making and profiling

Iniffum Oy does not profile the contact persons/purchasers of its customer companies. Iniffum Oy does not apply automated decision-making based on your personal data.

The other uses of your personal data

Your information is not used for other purposes without your knowledge. We do not use your personal information for other puproses than stated in this privacy policy. If new purposes shall emerge that are compatible with the purposes for which the personal data was originally collected, we will inform you about the new purposes and the legal basis of the processing. If necessary, we will ask your consent for the new purposes of personal data processing.

Data that has not been obtained from you

We search contact information from public sources. The contact information will be used in the marketing. We do not acquire data elsewhere.

Data protection officer

You may concat the data protection officer of Iniffum Oy, if your matter is about processing of your personal data or the use or application of the rights in  Iniffum based on the general data protection regulation of EU .

You may contact the data protection officer of Iniffum Oy
by e-mail tietosuoja(at)