The pricing is based on the number of included companies / markets.

  • One country
  • All Nordic countries and Estonian
  • A subset companies operating in a country or countries
  • A larger set of companies

Our price is less than the cost of comparable working time you or your people would need to get the same results.

In addition to the direct efficiency benefits, please, consider the value of

  • quality effects
  • the importance and essence of focusing your efforts to the right things

Please, tell us, what you need

Is it exactly three companies and their insurance business and investment data with ready made timeseries and statistics?

Or do you need all companies from Nordics, currencies translated and scaled to common base, and everything presented in an easy to compare and commonalized way?

How to buy?

Please, contact us and tell us about your needs. Then we will reply to you, if we have it together with the price tag, after which you may decide, is it worth buying.

Delivery options

We can deliver in multiple formats to email. Further, we provide machine readable interfaces. Later on, based on demand, we will provide a mobile app.