Comparable data on investments

Is the insurance company investment data comparable or useable for, e.g., foundations or pension funds? This means information about the main asset class returns, risks, allocations and possibly the costs. Moreover, the information about the changes is usually interesting: has the allocation changed and is there a clear reason for it. Or has the currency position changed, how much do they hedge, in overall.

To answer the question, please, consider the typical asset management company. It is a company that belongs to a group that contains a bank or insurance company and often both. Who manages the investments of the insurer in this case? And note that the returns the insurer gets is something that goes through the whole investment process with its biases and frictions.

  • The overall goals are similar: long liabilities, sustainable long term invesment planning and operation, controlled and conscious often low-level risk taking
  • Benchmark indices don’t show or include the biases and frictions that come from human decisions and actions
  • Occasionally, the costs of operation can be shown as well
  • The public sources may lack important and usefull information, or give only partial coverage

Of course, there are asset managers that are not directly associated with the insurance companies. The comparative data about others may help also in this case.

Please do note, many of the above points are valid and possibly usefull for anyone who is doing long term investing.