We do focused market research on financial domain and develop tools to do the work efficiently

  • Strategy analysis
  • Competitor comparison
  • Company analysis

We deliber content in various forms: we believe in the idea of using small, versatile and combinable tools that do their task well. The first set under development include

  • A tool to public company report retrieval (end-of-year, quartal, solvency reports, etc)
  • A tool to document storage, management and handling
  • A tool to transform and collect information and knowledge from documents and represent them in language independent way. The transformation support is for all Nordic languages, Estonian and English.
  • A database to store, manage and handle the collected information and knowledge

Among other things, we will add new languages into list during 2019 as well as start mobile app development, and we anticipate to start the development of domain specific translation utilities 2020.